$40 per game: Register for multiple weeks and pay in advance.
$45 per game: Register for one week.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree that my team participating or observing in the activities sponsored by Sacramento Warriors Basketball Club and Triple Threat Tournaments has inherent risks, including but not limited to injuries resulting from falls, with persons who may come in contact with me, walls, structures or equipment. Injuries or death resulting from the failure of equipment, poor judgment of any equipment or exercise. I am aware of these and numerous other inherent risks in observing or participating in the activities offered and sponsored by the Sacramento Warriors Basketball Club & Triple Threat Tournaments. I ASSUME COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY and liability for those risks and for any injuries that may occur as a result of these risks. EVEN IF injuries occur in a manner NOT FORSEEABLE at the time I sign this agreement.

I am aware of the potential risk and danger involved in participating and waive and release Sacramento Warriors Basketball Club and Triple Threat Tournaments and all staff, volunteers, landlords, sponsors, and owners of any liability,
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